Which model works better for you?

Modern businesses are blessed with the flexibility and convenience of sharing their work with third party service providers. Nowadays you have a possibility to outsource selected processes within your company, hire contractual team members to increase internal expertise or reduce project costs by hiring remote employees. There are, nevertheless, many differences between the service providers and the outcome you can get from the whole outsourcing experience.

Hiring remote developers via freelancing platforms

Platforms like Upwork and Freelancer are the first things that come to mind when considering hiring freelance programmers. These two platforms and similar services (such as LinkedIn, Atlassian, Gigster and many more) revolve around a simple principle: they gather as many freelancers as possible.

By making millions of global freelancers compete with each other, they drive prices down allowing you to hire remote software engineers at lower rates. Hiring process is automated, so, theoretically, it doesn’t take long to find a freelance programmer ready to take on your project.

All this makes freelancing platforms great for hiring remote developers for small jobs. Whenever it comes to more complex projects, however, there are several risks that can easily become deal-breakers:

  • One can rarely find challenging long-term projects on the freelancing platforms, which is why they are not particularly popular amongst the senior developers.
  • Teams of freelance programmers are often difficult to manage. They are most probably living in different time zones, speaking different languages, and are generally incapable of productive teamwork.
  • Freelancing platforms don’t guarantee successful project completion. If the remote developer you’ve hired decides to drop out from your project, a substitute would not be offered.

So if you have a larger, more complex project on your hands or consider hiring a remote developer as an integral part of your team, you clearly need some other solution.

FFWD Outsourcing model

The general mechanism is as follows. You can contact us with the project requirements and we can give a general assessment in terms of software architecture, technologies that best suit your project requirements, number and seniority of developers needed and general estimation about the duration and costs of hiring dedicated developers.

You can also look at our list of available developers, see their experience and skillset, inquire about their previous experience and ask for a particular developer that would best fit your needs.

In both cases, you are the one that is making the final hiring decision based on our suggested available developers. If we don’t have the kind of developer that you need, we could organize a selection process based on your unique requirements and find the developer that suits your needs.

The chosen developers are going to work exclusively on your project and be an integral part of your home team. We pay close attention on communication between the teams and employ agile concepts in our work. Therefore, everybody is on the same page when it comes to the project requirements, progress and additional changes as the project advances. Most of our developers are working with us for more than three years, which is a clear indication of good working conditions, loyalty and motivation which largely contributes to the general vibe of the team and their efficiency.

Bottom line

While there are quite a few reasons to hire remote developers from outsourcing companies rather that freelancing platforms, there is one last factor to consider. When working with software outsourcing providers, you’ll need to spend more time before your newly hired programmers can get down to work. Basically, you’ll need to invest some time into market research and meetings before you sign the contract.

Consequently, you’ll probably want to hire freelance programmers for short-term jobs — like building or updating a your website, or something similar. Actually, there are lots of small software development studios operating via Upwork and Freelancer accounts, and chances are you’ll end up hiring one of those rather than an individual freelance programmer.

Still, whenever long-term cooperation is involved, hiring a remote developer from an outsourcing company seems like a more sound decision.

Want to build a custom made team of developers? Contact us for more information or take a look at our list of available developers for your projects