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OutsourcingICT is a sister company of Future Forward Brand NewMedia. When Future Forward was founded in Brielle in 1999 by Dennis Groeneveld, we have experienced first-hand how challenging might be to find experienced developers locally. In fact, while some of them were already working somewhere and wanted to change companies only for much better conditions, others wouldn’t relocate for the new position. Adding cost analysis into the picture, we had realized how much of a difference hiring nearshore developers makes.

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It was then when we had started considering hiring skilled developers from abroad. We were looking for knowledgeable, capable, bright and skillful developers and started the quest. We were considering many outsourcing countries worldwide that have a proven track record of having high quality developers. The more we researched the more we were realizing that we wanted to cooperate with someone whose culture is close to ours, someone who is in the same time zone like us, can hop on a plane and join us for project meetings, have great English and communication skills and most importantly, have advanced programming skills.

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Our scope of interest was in the Southeastern Europe, as our vast research on the topic had shown that many skilled developers come from there. Serbia was the country that stood out the most, and for all the great reasons:

  • Internationally acknowledged IT professionals – there is a large number of IT professionals from Serbia that work on top positions in the largest companies in the industry. There are also many professionals that work as freelancers for international companies

  • Lower costs for software production services – The costs of living and software developer salaries are much lower compared to Western Europe. Therefore, the costs of engaging such a developer are much lower, which helps you stay on a budget  

  • Strong math and analytical skills – the educational system in Serbia is paying a close attention to developing strong mathematical and logical skills during the entire course of education

  • English language – English language is mandatory during schooling for at least eight years

Keeping all these arguments in mind, in 2011, we recruited the first outsourced developer, Zoran Popovic. Five years later, we have a fully operating office in the city of Nis, Serbia, where our nearshore dedicated teams of PHP developers, Java developers, HTML5 and CSS developers (front-end developers), .NET developers, C# developers, JavaScript developers, AngularJS developers support our clients with their IT projects and digital transformation at affordable prices.

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Why choose OutsourcingICT for nearshore outsourcing?

OutsourcingICT helps you enrich and complement your in-house teams with experienced developers from Serbia, who deliver the highest standards at affordable rates.

We help you connect with most talented developers from Serbia and hand-pick your nearshore dedicated development team according to your needs. Our offices are located close to the major universities, meaning that you will get the most intelligent and skillful developers at all levels of seniority.

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We like to think of our collaboration as a partnership that grows over time. We are there with you every step of the way and available to help you through the transition.

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The project idea and everything you share with us is protected by NDA. The code the developers create for the purposes of your project is protected against any  malicious activities, like theft, malware, review from malicious outsiders, etc. Furthermore, the written code is the property of your company, and cannot be used for other purposes.

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We take the security of your data very seriously. Therefore, all new employees must provide a Court certificate of non-conviction. Furthermore, we provide several layers of data protection, and could take extra security measures of your choosing when the project requires it.

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We take care of payroll, taxes, social and health security, HR and office management. That way you can focus all of your resources to your projects.

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Having a dedicated offshore team is like you are opening your own development center abroad, but without the administrative and regulative hassle. We provide a spacious, modern and fully equipped office space for your development team at a central location, workstations connected to a high-speed internet, as well as VoIP phones, ensuring easy communication with your team members.

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Your team of dedicated developers sits in an office decorated in accordance to your company branding, creating a mindset of belonging to your company and onshore team.

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Your personal offshore development team works exclusively for you. This means that the developers will never be pulled out from your project and will be 100% dedicated to finishing your most important tasks at all times ensuring efficiency and accuracy.

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Having daily meetings with your dedicated offshore team enables you to communicate the tasks efficiently and finish all your projects on time according to the lean methodology of your choosing.

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We tend to create long term relationships with our developers and avoid the “battery cage” mindset. There are no long hours and crazy deadlines. As a result, most of the developers work for us for more than five years, enjoy the friendly work environment and are motivated to give their best performance so your projects are finished on time and to your satisfaction.

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Being in the Central European Time zone means that you can communicate your needs with your nearshore team in an instant.

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Once you have chosen to  partner with us, we make sure to satisfy the needs of your project and offer you the best possible candidates. We do all the recruitment, selection and interviews on your behalf.  

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After we have conducted the selection process, we present you the top performing candidates and set up a Skype interview with you. That way you can personally decide which candidate you want to hire for your team.