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How do we find the right people?

We can make recruitment easy, as we take care of selection, assessment tests and interviewing in order to find the perfect developer that meets your unique requirements. Our selection process algorithm involves conducting interviews in presence of at least one senior developer who evaluates the technical skills. Nevertheless, you are the one that is taking the final hiring decision.

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How do we manage development teams?

Your tailor made development team works in our offices in Niš, Serbia. You can manage them according to your unique company standards and management style. It is also easy for them to come to your office and discuss projects and ideas, due to a well connected international airport in Niš. Meanwhile, you can focus on what really matters - your product development, and let us take care of the recruitment, HR, salaries, office space, hardware and software and making your developers happy and motivated.

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What can we do for you?

Whether you need a software for your company, maintenance, rewriting, or a SaaS solution for your long or short, big or small projects our developers are there to help you, no matter the technology or level of seniority you need.

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  • Complete design & development

    We are there for you, starting from software architecture, design, backend (PHP or Node.JS) and frontend (React, Mobile app, etc.), helping you execute your ideas into actions.

  • React apps

    React apps

    Whether you need a developer for Single Page Applications, Mobile Apps or a helping hand on your development, our skilled React developers will provide you a solution.

  • SilverStripe


    It is our weapon of choice when it comes to backend. Our developers have grown to become SilverStripe ninjas and have the SilverStripe framework and CMS at their fingertips.

  • Desktop & touchscreen applications

    Using NW.js, Node.js, HTML5, SCSS, WinJS, .NET and others we can create desktop and touchscreen applications to support your projects.

FFWD OutsourcingICT is a software outsourcing company from the Netherlands and Serbia

We have 17 years of experience working with outsourced developers. We work with clients from real estate, port, big retail and many other industries.

  • Portstream Media
  • Citrus Software
  • IKEA
  • Cushman and Wakefield
  • Schiphol

What are the reasons to hire developers from Serbia?

  • Internationally acknowledged IT professionals

    Internationally acknowledged IT professionals

  • Technical capacity and excellent language skills

    Technical capacity and excellent language skills

  • Lower costs of software production

    Lower costs of software production

  • Same time zone with the majority of European countries

    Same time zone with the majority of European countries

  • Geographical and cultural proximity to Western European countries

    Geographical and cultural proximity to Western European countries

  • International airport connected to mayor cities in Europe

    International airport connected to mayor cities in Europe

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  • "We are extremely satisfied with the service OutsourcingICT provided. Their developers are extremely resourceful, knowledgeable and easy to communicate."

    John S.

    Commercial Director at Portstream

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  • Get the most out of your daily meetings

    Daily stand-ups can help everyone be on the same page. These 15-minutes time boxed meetings allow the team to synchronize activities and create a plan for the upcoming day. If well-run, they could improve the collaboration and communication between the team members.

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