In an industry that often emphasizes cheap and “good enough” as measures of success, the high-performance team concept seems like a counter to this concept, especially when it comes to outsourcing. But time and again, companies that leverage high-performance teams have seen significantly higher returns from their development investments, as projects contribute greater value to the business on a more consistent basis.

Is it, then, possible to have it both ways? Could a company hire a high-performance team that is knowledgeable and efficient, and still fits the tight budget? It turns out it is.

When hiring a high-performance team you are not only hiring the best professionals in the field, but also a synergistic team that ensures constant delivery of business value in the projects it delivers. To ensure this, you should look for some crucial components that are ensuring the delivery of value.


This one seems obvious, right? When building a team of software developers, everyone wants to draw from a deep talent pool and look for developers with the best skill sets. The truth is, that the market grows faster than the talent pool, and there is a significant number of companies that cannot fulfill their needs for talent locally. That’s where outsource might come in handy. Not only could you find talented developers that could bring a real value to your business, but also cost-efficient high-performers that breed on passion, enthusiasm and growth.

Skills mastery

Talent is a great place to start, but it’s only the beginning. The next step in constructing a high-performance team is skills mastery. There are too many companies nowadays that treat their employees as a replaceable asset that could be easily replaceable with the next one in line, leaving little room for passion in the work.

Therefore, to build a team that would bring high performance results, companies must promote an environment where continuous learning and passion in developers’ daily tasks would constantly inspire them to adopt new technologies and improve old ones. Therefore, they ensure that developers are constantly learning new skills and become multi-skilled professionals that are essential contributors to high-performance teams.

Communication and knowledge sharing

Communication plays a crucial role in building high-performance teams. Emphasizing direct, daily communication between team members and regular feedback sessions ensures that team members know they are on the right track and helps identifying areas of improvement on time. When a team operates in a culture where knowledge sharing is encouraged it helps create an added value for the team and the project itself.

Lean mindset

When a project is based on lean principles, the developers are aligned with the business goals of the organization and the client and are able to prioritize tasks and deliver greater value to each project. The best benefits are achieved when lean concept is applied not only to a project, but throughout the organization.It is a driving force of the high-performance team’s ability to generate value.


Giving software development professionals enough room to work autonomously can contribute to team’s commitment to each other and to a project’s success. It provides a sense of reliance and trust in each other, helping the team members to identify their own strengths and understand their roles within the team. It also ensures a great commitment to the project and opens a whole new world of possibilities that are a solution to the problem or desired outcome set before the team. This will ultimately give each person a sense of responsibility and ownership over the project’s outcome.

However, this doesn't mean that high-performance teams should be completely left from oversight. The key to autonomy is trusting the team with solutions to problem that will inevitably arise and ultimately to the project success.

Teams with these five attributes are able to perform far above “good enough” and deliver value to those who entrusted them to get things done. Finding those high-performers abroad brings even more value as it ensures project success within a tight budget. 


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